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Unisen Family of RTUs

The Unisen family includes three models of RTUs scaling from a few points up to 2000 points in a single RTU. Unisen RTUs can optionally run in a fully redundant configuration, including supporting redundant I/O cards, ensuring that neither failures nor maintenance will interrupt operation. The intelligence card and firmware are common to all models ensuring Unisen’s rich feature set is available for all sizes of RTUs.

The performance delivered by the Unisen product line redefines how RTUs can be used. “The fast CPU combined with dedicated logic for managing I/O brings the speed and high-point count of a PLC into a robust RTU format.” commented Wayne Karpoff, President of Willowglen. “The power and large persistent memory of the intelligent subsystem controller card will open the door to a new level of embedded application sophistication”.

“The power of the Unisen logic engine allows extremely complex features to be quickly developed that addresses the unique needs of more demanding customers”, agreed Dion Dubé, manager of Measurement Technical Services for Enbridge Pipelines Inc., an early customer of the new Unisen RTUs. “The system is also extremely configurable. The flexibility of configuration allows our RTUs to reflect Enbridge’s view of the world rather than forcing us to wedge our operation into arbitrary device restrictions. This dramatically simplifies our operations.”

Maintaining the system can be done using a secure embedded web interface allowing configuration from any standard web browser. Unisen’s import/export capability means that configuration can also be done using standard spreadsheets or by wizards that walk the user through the configuration process. Printers can be directly connected to the RTU for printing of batch reports, configuration data and output from customer specific applications.

Customers using Willowglen’s previous ScanTrack™ family of RTUs will particularly enjoy the ease of upgrading to the new Unisen family. “Upgrading really becomes just a matter of sliding out a card and putting another one in. There’s no wiring change, no I/O change, no cabinet change. Even our legacy I/O cards can continue to be used.” added Dion Dubé of Enbridge, “Willowglen has a sustained history of protecting the investment their customers made a decade ago in their RTUs. We really appreciate that”.

The Unisen family of RTUs continues Willowglen’s tradition of high-reliability, minimal maintenance, and long service life.