DSE Apex Award Gold Winner

JFK AirTrain Passenger Information System

The Digital Signage Expo (DSE) Apex Award for Transportation Gold Winner: New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport AirTrain Light Rail System (LRS) Passenger Information System.

The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey received a Gold Award from DSE in 2010 for their Passenger Information system implemented at JFK International Airport on the AirTrain Light Rail System. The Passenger Information system works directly with Willowglen’s SCADACOM (the Port Authority’s control and data system) and provides messaging which has: instantaneous response time, emergency override capability, and easily understandable information for both domestic and international passengers. Vital digital signage and interactive kiosk information is delivered to AirTrain passengers through integrated Carousel Software (by Tightrope Media Systems).

Willowglen Systems Inc.’s SCADACOM system integrates a number of subsystems into a single monitoring, control, reporting, data archiving and data analysis SCADA system. One of the subsystems is the passenger information system which can display a dynamic map of the trains in the system, together with the time of arrival.

The passenger information (PI) system is used to effectively guide passengers throughout the airport. The PI system implementation includes large LCD monitors mounted overhead, which displays easy-to-understand pictorials and verbiage. The size and clarity of the displays allow the information to be viewed at a distance, and understood at a glance - making it easy for international visitors to obtain the information they need.

The LCD displays are updated by SCADACOM based on new train movement information obtained from the Automatic Train Control subsystem. The SCADACOM operators can override the display in an emergency. The displays can also show the current local weather conditions and other relevant information about the passenger’s destination.

Willowglen's SCADACOM system integrates a number of the LRS subsystems including Power Distribution, Safety and Security equipment, Auxiliary equipment, Automatic Train Control (ATC), Passenger Information, Closed Circuit TV, Automatic Fare Collection and Platform Screen Doors System.


The AirTrain Light Rail System operates between the JFK International Airport, Long Island Rail Road trains and the New York City subway. It also connects the airline terminals, rental car facilities, hotel shuttles, and airport parking lots. In 2009 over 5 million passengers used the system. The AirTrain LRS has 3 routes:


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