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SCADA Solutions for the World's More Challenging Problems

For 40 years, Willowglen Systems has supplied industrial automation technologies to industry leaders for some of the world’s most demanding applications and environments. Headquartered in North America, and working with our solution partners world-wide, Willowglen offers a wide range of products including Flow Computers, SCADA host systems, a complete array of Remote Terminal Units (RTU), ultra-low power RTUs and communication and instrumentation systems. Our focus is to provide solutions that extend above mainstream SCADA products, providing superior functionality and value - while delivering market-leading performance in system reliability and scalability.

Also, when customers require novel solutions our innovative technical teams can deliver through the Willowglen Innovation Center.

While known for our innovative solutions and reliable products, our many long-time customers have stated that what really differentiates Willowglen is our dedicated customer support. Willowglen still supports our technologies designed over 30 years ago, and our experienced technical teams offer 24 x 7 coverage, providing timely resolution to technical questions. Our goal is that with our products, our customers will achieve results that exceed their expectations.

What our customers say...

“We have been using Willowglen products for about 20 years and appreciate the durability and flexibility they have provided. We have upgraded our equipment as needed and have found the backwards compatibility and ability to continually re-use hard wired components provides for smooth transitions to new and improved technology. Knowledgeable, flexible, and accurate support has helped increase the value of the equipment by reducing the mean time to repair and by allowing us to implement new installations, functions, and modified configurations inexpensively.”
Ed Toews, P. Eng.
TransCanada PipeLines Limited





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